La pinada Labs was created as an initiative with the aim of contributing to the development of solutions that support the generation and transformation towards Sustainable Cities and Communities (SDG 11 United Nations). Along with the Valencian Association of Startups (AVS), we have created this open innovation initiative and we encourage companies (large and small) that choose innovation in their business,as well as administrations and knowledge institutions, to join us as partners. We would also love to partner with startups that may have solutions in line with our philosophy, and we integrate companies from all fields related to the project.

A district is a complex and highly connected system, and we are seeking to create a platform that allows a strong collaboration between companies to create something really inspiring.

Our Focus

Urban Planning and Housing


Information Technologies

Health and Welfare

Sustainable Mobility

Landscape and Biodiversity

Communities and Social Cohesion

Local Economy and Economic Activity

Construction Processes and Supply Chain

Education and Learning


Waste and Circular Economy

This programme consists of:


To work collaboratively with our partners of La pinada Labs in an integrated way, and from the initial stages of design, to put clients and the thousands of people who have shown their interest in living in La Pinada into the centre, and create innovative solutions that maximise the value for all clients and partners in a customer-centric approach.


To make prototypes, experiment, build collectively and develop joint projects, including European projects, spin-offs, pilots and show new solutions in our living-lab and show-room.


Our partners subsequently use their know-how, acquired knowledge and new solutions to grow their respective businesses or initiatives. With these, we multiply the positive impact generated by La Pinada.

Are you in?

Leave us your contact details and we will collaborate!